From an early age music was a passion of the young Adrian Dixon, who rap music fans know as "Adrian Cash". While many young men would imitate the sound and style of popular rap artist's, Adrian knew he wanted to be original. Encouraged by his love of music and the struggle of growing up in a single parent household, Adrian found himself dreaming of a better life.

Born on November 1, 1984 on Milwaukee's impoverished North East side to a single mother, most would think the life of this young child would be like so many who lived and died in the inner city streets. From all accounts this would seem to be true. Adrian's mother Cathy Dixon was a second generation single mother, who like her mother was raising her young son through the support of welfare assistance. Adrian's father Raymond Ferguson, Jr., was in prison for most of Adrian's young life. However, life had a better plan and through the love and support of his maternal grandmother Catherine Oteri Dixon who encouraged Adrian to work harder and be better than anyone believed he could be, a fire begin to burn in Adrian's soul. Inspired by Pimp C and Tupac, Adrian started rapping and writing in middle school with his cousin Tyrone Ferguson, Jr. This partnership gave birth to one of his first rap songs called "Face It" and featured Adrian Cash, Tryone and Adrian's best friend Ramondo. The neighborhood success of the song pushed the trio to continue to work harder and to write and print their first CD entitled "Treadsetters." Well on their way to working on a follow up CD, tragedy stuck as Adrian lost his beloved Grandmother Catherine to breast cancer.

At 21, Adrian Cash formally known as A.C.E. met Anthony "EastSide" Hoskins and was signed to Wise 1 Entertainment. Linking with music pioneer Chris "Godxilla" Taylor Adrian began Working on his debut alblum entiled "Feel My Pain". He then started working the streets by rapping at local events and riding around town in a custom truck with his face on it. One of his big breaks came when he opened up for Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane and 8Ball and MJG at the Milwaukee Rave. As his fame grew, so did the fire to go harder, be better. Adrian knew that in order to get his name out, he had to branch out from the Milwaukee music market. He begin to travel to Atlanta with his manager, Eastside CEO of Wise 1 Entertainment. In Atlanta, Adrian performed on the same stage as Big Country Kane, Young Joc and other major Atlanta artists. He performed to sellout crowds at Club Crucial and Club Throw Back. Through hard work and staying true his dream, Adrian Cash founded Wise Money Music Group. As the CEO and founder, Adrian Cash is in charge of all aspects of his musical vision. Today, Wise Money Music Group is set to introduce Adrian Cash to the mainstream rap music world with the release of the first single, "I Got Flavor" and mix tape "Adrian the Cash Hog" which is a catchy theme set to the theme of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The future is bright for rapper Adrian Cash. Through the love of his fans, Adrian Cash wants to inspire young men out there to follow their dreams and believe they can be better than what others expect of them. While making money is a part of the life as a rap artist, it is the music that keeps Adrian Cash going harder.

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